Our blogs are a bit like buses…

So our last blog was a long time coming and this one is hot on the heels of last Thursday’s instalment!! We do like to keep you all on your toes!!

Today we are happy to share that Bert and Lily are featured in the April edition (out now!) of World of Interiors magazine.

This is very exciting for us. We are thrilled that a magazine of this calibre has first of all even noticed us but then seen the beauty and value in our products and wanted to feature us. We strive to offer beauty and quality and feel this feature reinforces that with potential customers.

Best of all we can now say ‘as seen in World of Interiors magazine’!!

Page 275 - Design Report 3

Sorry, it’s been a while….

It has been a little while since our last post and you might have been wondering what we have been up to.

We have been super busy launching the website and establishing ourselves on social media. We have found that we are in good company as we’ve stumbled upon so many great little businesses and blogs on Twitter and the most inspiring visuals on Instagram (more on these in a later post!). It has been hard to drag ourselves away from social media at times but drag ourselves away we did.  Which was handy seeing as we were planning to add some new product ranges and us sitting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram simply wasn’t going to get them finished!

New product ranges you say? Tell us more ? Well ok, seeing as you asked….

Our first addition is a range of footstools.  We make these ourselves in our workshop and so we can be sure that they will stand the test of time. Oversized in nature with gorgeous solid wood legs and currently in a choice of three fabulous fabrics, these footstools are the perfect addition to any room. When deciding on how big to make the footstools we agreed that our ideal footstool would have enough room for our feet AND our magazines, tea and biscuits! You can even balance a tray of champagne glasses on them…we’ve tried….research purposes only you understand?! We are really pleased with these and hope to add more fabrics as time goes on.

Our second addition is a small range of accessories which includes; cushions, coat racks, throws, candles and prints.

Although it is still pretty gloomy outside we have been looking towards summer with our handmade cushions, throws and our handmade, super cute, fragranced teacup candles. As the seasons are beginning to change, now is the time to start thinking about changing fabrics and accessories to lighten up our homes ready for spring and, dare I say, summer! Did I mention the SUPER CUTE candles????

As you can probably gather, we are all about recycling and reusing and so we are thrilled with how fantastic our coat racks have turned out.  What started life as an old scaffold board has been transformed into a thing of practical beauty. The perfect place for a hat, coat or dog lead.

All of our accessories make the perfect gift whether it’s a funny framed print for a friend or a cheeky summery throw for yourself! Take a peek now and see what you think.

We’d love to know what you think of our new range of products so either leave a comment here or find us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram 😉

B&L x